Meet the Team

Tarafder Tousif Ahmed

Mechanical Design Engineer


M.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering, University of New Brunswick

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology


NCEES FE Exam Passed

Tousif is a Mechanical Design Engineer at EN-POWER GROUP. He conducts on‑site feasibility studies, performs design calculations and analyses, drafts mechanical designs for bids and filings, and selects specific equipment to provide the best solution for clients. He also has experience in diverse engineering fields including HVAC system design, numerical and statistical analyses, and applied mechanics. Tousif has completed projects for oil to gas conversions, cogeneration installations, boiler and chiller replacements, ventilation system upgrades, and emergency and voluntary generators installations.

One such project is The Charlton House, a 176-unit multifamily high-rise building in Manhattan. The facility’s lobby was equipped with its own dedicated water source heat pump for cooling and heating. However, the system lacked a heat rejecting absorption medium (e.g., cooling tower), and instead used municipal water that was then directly discarded. This process racked up significant water bills and struggled to reach desired temperature setpoints, which created resident discomfort and operations and maintenance (O&M) difficulties.

As part of the system upgrade, Tousif chose a ceiling concealed horizontal ducted unit that could be paired with the lobby’s existing register. In addition, he utilized the existing borehole created for the water lines of the original system to run the refrigerant lines and condensate drain lines for the new unit. This creative adaptation of the existing infrastructure minimized on-site construction work and reduced disturbance to residents. Tousif’s ability to generate resourceful solutions helps buildings like The Charlton House become more energy efficient and sustainable, while saving money for the client.